10 Reasons my cat is a JERK continued…

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May 25, 2016

Meet Coco, the fur love of our lives. Enjoy following her story:


I am not just a writer, editor or publisher of gardening publications, I am a full on geek gardener.

I love starting seeds indoors and look forward to watching them mature and grow. Often, I plant my own seeds that I’ve dried from the year before. Yes, I am THAT much of a garden nerd.

This was all to come to an end. One evening after work, my husband, Dave, and I were watching TV with Coco. I have to admit I wasn’t paying much attention to Coco until Dave said very matter-of-factly, “You know she is eating your little plants.”

“WHAT????? COCO, what are you DOING?”

The furry little jerk casually looked up after finishing off another mini-green snack that I think may have been my wave petunias. I yelled at her, “Get down, you can’t eat those”.  She calmly continued snacking as I rushed over to scare her down. “Get down! No! Bad kitty!”

I had to physically remove her from what was left of my seedlings. She looked at me like I was the jerk taking her away from her tasty little aperitifs. After screaming while I put her down, she glares at me and immediately jumps back up for more.

I took my seedlings and stormed out of the house – six times – I had to carry them out to the garage. (You sort of lose the impact of storming out when you have to do it six times.)  As an added frustration I continued to lose a few more plants as I took tray after tray out the door.


The day after seedling armageddon I came home to find the four plants that had always sat in my bay window were now tossed onto their sides. Dirt and water was everywhere. Guess who?

Just another reason, my cat is a JERK sometimes.












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