10 Reasons my cat is a JERK!

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May 17, 2016

10 Reasons my cat is a JERK!

Meet Coco, the fur love of our lives. She is a beautiful Bengal; she loves playing with two very loud and active boys. I think she may be the only cat to go chasing after two running and screaming children in order to be part of the action, instead of running the opposite way. We have dubbed her Coco Loco as she still thinks she is a kitten. She is cute, curious, lovable, hilarious and can be a real jerk sometimes.

I don’t know if I can come up with 10 examples, but I aim to try. Seeing as about 20 things pop to mind right away, I am guessing it won’t be that difficult to reach 101. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change her, we love her as she is, most days.


I carried my youngest child, Desmond inside tonight. He had fallen asleep in the car on our way home. As I struggled to get him upstairs and onto our bed to put on his pajamas I almost tripped over Coco who is in a rush to see what I am doing. But, if you know Coco, and you will, you know that she can’t do ANYTHING quietly. And, when she gets talking she NEVER SHUTS UP!

As soon as I put Desmond on the bed, she started screameowling at me. I know that is not a word, but the ungodly noise that comes out of her when she is insistent on something is not a meow either.

To my mind it sounded as if she was lecturing me, and you have to use a snobby cat voice when you read this, “Where WERE you? I have been STARVING here all by myself! Plus, there was nothing to do, and no one to let me outside. And, there were these birds just teasing me outside the window…..”

Meanwhile, I’m whispering as meanly as I can while simultainously trying to shoo her away from Desmond., “SHH, you idiot the kid’s sleeping! Do you want to wake him up?” I almost have his pajama bottoms on when she pipes up again – this time on the bed half standing on Desmond.

“Aren’t you excited to see me? Don’t you want to pet me? What about our regular bedtime story?” she’s still meowing. I think it is at this point that she realizes something, if the noisy one is asleep, she doesn’t get to play and be a part of the entire bedtime routine. Not wanting to miss out, she decides to wake up the human noisy one.

Finally, I had managed to get Desmond dressed and jerkily tried to carry him into his loft bed with Coco doing her best to try and trip me. After a brief struggle I had him in bed, SCORE! Quiet night now for mom, right? Wrong! The JERK CAT jumps up on his bed and climbs onto his pillow so that she’s right in his face. I swear she sneered at me as she meowed in his face before I can push her off the bed.

It’ is too late. Those baby blues open and Desmond sits up, “Hi Coco! Mom can you read me a story?”

Shit. Quick and easy bedtime ruined by the JERK CAT.

Thirty minutes later, after brushing his teeth, arguing about covers, finding his stuffed tigers and finally, finding the right story, we begin reading. Instead of listening nicely the JERK CAT jumps back and forth over us while I am reading. And guess what? She didn’t meow once while she was doing it. After a few dozen, “I love you… see you in the morning… no you can’t have anything to drink… please, just go to bed, please,” I was able to get back downstairs to relax.

My husband, who gets up early for work had go to bed and I had a few minutes to myself. Not ten minutes later he came down with a yelling, wriggling cat saying, “Take this ^(&)&%% cat before she wakes everyone up!”

God bless our Coco, she’s a gem.

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