Delightfully Dirty Spring

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April 20, 2014

Delightfully Dirty Spring

I am always anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring – mainly because I can’t wait to see the white stuff finally go. My husband hates it, it’s too dirty for him. While I have to agree that is the dirtiest season and at times can seem to drag on indefinitely, at least it means the end of winter.
In the beginning spring is just grey – the trees have no signs of growth, the mounds of snow turn into brownish-grey dirt piled heaps on city streets and on a cloudy day it seems as if the world has been covered with a filthy grey film. The melting snow makes massive puddles that draw children and clean cars like Winnipeg streets attract potholes. Not a pretty time to be sure.
But, the sun is also shining more and the grey mountains of dirt and puddles do slowly disappear giving way to the part of spring that I love. Grass emerges from the fields, spring flowers start to break through the still frosty ground, and the trees start waking up from their long winter’s nap.
The signs are coming, but the snow refuses to leave, at least at our place. In defiance, and in my own personal attempt to hasten the onset of green, I have removed all vestiges of winter from our home. Our feature wall in the kitchen changes with the seasons and is finally looking more colourful. Lavender and heather accents, fresh plants and a couple of new spring arrangements add to the feeling of new life and renewal. Changing photos and art from season to season is a great way to embrace each distinct Manitoba season.
This year my spring decor theme is all about butterflies and bunnies. In addition to my butterfly bell jar, I also made a cute little ceramic bunny hiding eggs in a mossy forest. These inverted bell shape jars are great staple decor items for your home, with a little creativity you can easily change them seasonally to ‘pretty up’ a corner, window or table.
Even though the dirty part of spring is still around, and white stuff is piled several feet high in my yard, at least it looks delightfully spring-like indoors.
Happy Spring!

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