Easter Craft for Kids – Bunny Bums

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June 29, 2014

Easter Craft for Kids – Bunny Bums

Here it is a little late, but you can still do the craft with the kids, maybe make a cat or dog bum and give it to mom on Mother’s day.

Right now, of course it is all about Easter. For the last month, all I have heard is how much longer until Easter? To keep my little guys busy, we have been decorating and crafting. We spent some time at our local garden centre picking out little plants for our Easter craft, but the boys were so excited to get started I didn’t get to fully plan out the drainage issue. (This bothers me to no end, but they didn’t care and neither did the recipiants – so I guess it was no biggie.) This year we made little bunny bums and feet sticking out of the plants with a sign advertising free lunch. The craft was simple to do and very cute. For, my Nana, we used a silk plant so she didn’t have to worry about watering it. All you need is a couple of craft matchsticks and cardstock for the sign, a large fluffy pompom and a little one for your bunny bum and tail and some felt for bunny feet and white glue. I had the boys glue their bunny bums on a match stick so it could be stuck in the dirt rather than the side of the pot. Since the little pots had holes in the bottom and I was under pressure from the boys to get this project going, I quickly found some old pill container covers from our craft box, put felt on the bottom and glued them to the bottom of the plant. For the silk plant, we found a really cute ceramic pot, stuffed it with floral foam and glued poppy seeds on the top to look like dirt.

For Good Friday we made vegetarian Easter Bunny pizzas. The boys had a blast helping with every step, making the dough, rolling it out and decorating their own masterpieces. Yum.

Happy Easter everyone!

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