Festive Foods!

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December 17, 2014

Festive Foods!

Photo by Victor Korniyenko

I take joy in the fact that my children love some of the seasonal foods I associate with the holidays. They both devour prickly pears, figs, persimmons and pomegranates. It’s kind of funny how our whole extended family has a system to let each other know where and when you can get a good deal on a case of this or which store has the best price for that.

This year it is the eggnog! I just bought four litres and we’ve gone through one litre on the first day. Well, one and a half since I had a half a litre still in the house. I used to buy it for myself. A treat to put in my tea or coffee, or have with a splash of rum, but now…it’s

“Mom, do we have any eggnog?”

“Can you make me chai tea with eggnog like you make it?”

What tastes I have developed in my children!

Want some more festive recipes? Just wait until I repost my recipes from Local Home and Gardener Living magazine. YUMMM.

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