Holiday Traditions – Meet Jack, our Elf on the Shelf

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December 24, 2014

Holiday Traditions – Meet Jack, our Elf on the Shelf

This year we have adopted a little elf named Jack. He is a magical being, who watches over the boys and scurries off to the North Pole while they are sleeping to tell Santa if they have been naughty or nice that day. Sometimes he can get into trouble around the house at night; he’s an elf, so it’s in his nature. He has been found dangling from ornaments hanging from the ceiling, writing notes to the boys and sometimes he is less than good himself and finds himself in trouble as well.
He has been a real treat for the boys this year. But, parents be aware of the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ rules if you don’t have the book, I didn’t. The first several nights, our elf didn’t move. Nope, not once. Obviously, it was all my fault; poor elf parenting. I did not know the magical rules surrounding Christmas elves. Unsure how to solve this magical dilemma I was at a total loss. I was beginning to really wonder how I was going to explain how we got a defective elf, and how to make his magic work.

Thankfully, my sister-in-law, who also adopted an elf this year, gave me Elf on the Shelf 101 training.

Rule 1. You must name your elf before he/she can use his/her magic and move around the house at night. (Ahh…that was it; not stupid mommy forgetting to do anything before she went to bed.) To correct this we had an elaborate naming ceremony where we all dubbed our elf “Jack.” And lo and behold a miracle occurred that night while the boys slept. It seemed the magic naming ceremony worked.

Rule 2. No one can touch your elf during the day otherwise he will lose his magic. My youngest dared to touch Jack yesterday, he was so excited to show him to his Nonna that he forgot. Then when his brother lost it on him for not adhering to the most important elf rule, and the reality of his actions sunk in, we had two devastated children. Thankfully, I was made aware of the situation and was able to restore Jack’s magic.

Rule 3. This lesson was not included in my Elf 101 course but, parents you cannot stay up late. I made the grievous error of working into the wee hours one evening and apparently poor Jack was unable to get to the North Pole and back. Yep, I was a BAD mommy. My eldest lectured me on how I should do my work earlier, at work, and not stay up so late and interfere with Jack’s magic. He has been checking on me, to make sure that I don’t stay up late anymore.

Rule 4. The last rule is that Jack’s magic only lasts from Dec. 1st until the evening of the Dec. 24th. On the 23rd he makes his last trip to the North Pole to report to Santa, but our Jack will also see Santa tomorrow night before he loses his Christmas magic.

We’ve never had such an interesting creature like Jack in our home before. Taeven had heard about the magical elves and I found one, or rather he found me, when I was out shopping one day. I decided to take him home and I am glad I did. The joy and wonder he brings into our home is a magical as he is. Taeven even made a present for him, which is wrapped under the tree for him to open on his last magical night.

Thank you Jack!

Does anyone else have a magical elf? Am I missing out on any more critical elf lessons?


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