Holiday Traditions – Remembering loved ones

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December 24, 2014

Holiday Traditions – Remembering loved ones

Christmas is usually a time for family, which is why it can be such a difficult holiday for those at odds with loved ones or alone.

I like remember my family at Christmas by placing a special ornament for each person on the tree, a tradition I began in my twenties. Today, as we hang their ornaments, I think about them and smile at a memory before placing the decoration on the tree.

Our first Christmas photos with the boys, our fur family, relatives that live far away, others who have passed on, and those who we are blessed enough to celebrate with every year all hang together on the tree throughout the season. 

It is difficult when our loved ones aren’t here, either because they have passed on or are just not able to be a part of celebrations due to distance – physical or emotional.

I find the ornaments are a great way to remember those who have passed on and appreciate the people with us. The boys are now enjoying the tradition. We chat about everyone as we hang their ornaments on the tree, laughing and remembering.

Do you have any special practices at Christmas? How do you remember those not able to celebrate with you over the holidays?


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