If the squirrels are a little nutty, they’re probably drunk


Yesterday, before it decided to snow again, my youngest son and I were bringing some things to the compost pile when we came upon the strangest sight that we’ve seen in our yard yet.

Last fall we placed all the apples that were knocked off our trees in our newest compost pile location. I figured the deer and squirrels would probably eat them, what I didn’t expect was to find them all over my yard and up every tree in the vicinity.

It looked as though some mad, or drunk, squirrel decided to decorate with hundreds of decaying apples. They were sitting on limbs, high and low, in at least a dozen trees. Protruding out of holes in tree trunks and scattered over at least a half acre of the back yard.

Clearly some squirrels cannot handle their ‘sauce’.

Chic Country Life

I'm a mom of two wonderful boys, wife, and occasionally, an effective tamer of our crazy dog and insane cat. I've always been a country girl at heart and love being a rural mom. Whether it's decorating, tending our gardens, cooking, writing, or rushing off to a hockey rink, I am on it, along with the other million things that always seem to need to be done. It isn't always easy but it's always interesting around here.

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