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Loving the rural life. Living close to nature with the family and my motorcycle on the Manitoba Prairie.

May 4, 2020

The world is a different place.

We are in week eight of quarantine for the Covid-19 pandemic that has devastated millions all over the world and turned lives upside down. Countries are trying to navigate between protecting their citizens and providing them with some sort of normalcy in their lives. As markets crumble and modern life is turned on its heels, nature endures. The Earth reaps the benefits of a modern world put on pause.

Life doesn’t seem as abnormal living in a rural setting. I miss visiting with family and friends, but we are surrounded by nature, and it grounds me. There is so much we take for granted, so while life is still on pause, I challenge you to take the time to really appreciate the world around you. There is nothing like nature to nurture your soul, and so to that end, I am beginning weekly articles exploring some little-known facts and insights about the world around us. Follow along, share your ideas, ask questions, pass the posts on to a friend. Take some time to connect with nature, ground yourself and find some peace, even if it is just for a few minutes every day.

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