Mom, I squished a lady bug’s boobs!


A child’s logic is just so entertaining to me. My boys are constantly saying the weirdest stuff based on their views of the world. I try to write down as many of the amusing things they come up with to tell them when they are older.

My youngest son is five and he’s at the age where he is fascinated by funny sounding words, particularly words for body parts like – ‘boobs’, which is infinitely more amusing than ‘breasts’. This has been confirmed by his older brother who collapses into hysterics every time he says it. Sigh, so now I have two boys giggling about ‘boobs’ all day.

It’s just so silly listening to them it’s hard not to giggle along at times. I remember when my oldest went through this phase. He had asked me once if all girls had boobs. After confirming this for him he looked at me, a puzzled look on his little face and said,

“But, Nana’s a girl and she doesn’t have boobs.”

“Of course she does honey, she’s a girl,” I replied.

My protestations were to no avail, there was no way his great grandmother could have boobs. When I asked him why, he told me that she was simply too old to have any.

But, back to my youngest. The other morning I walked into the living room  to the sight of the two of them shrieking and giggling as they rolled around on the floor.

“Mom, mom,” my youngest was trying his best to tell me through the giggles. “I squished a ladybug’s boobs.”

“You what?”

“I squished a ladybugs BOOBS!” he finally giggles with his brother howling in the background.

“Buddy, ladybugs don’t have boobs.”

“Yes, they do.”

“Ladybugs are insects, they don’t have boobs. Why would you think that?”

“They’re girls, so they have boobs.”

There you go. Can’t fault the child’s logic.

Who decided to name them ladybugs anyways?

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I'm a mom of two wonderful boys, wife, and occasionally, an effective tamer of our crazy dog and insane cat. I've always been a country girl at heart and love being a rural mom. Whether it's decorating, tending our gardens, cooking, writing, or rushing off to a hockey rink, I am on it, along with the other million things that always seem to need to be done. It isn't always easy but it's always interesting around here.

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