Our cat has been countrified!

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November 14, 2015

Our cat has been countrified!

Our cat Coco is the light of my children’s life. After her human momma passed away earlier this year, a dear friend of my boss’s, I was offered the opportunity to take her in. Knowing my kids were still mourning the loss of our cat the year before, I whole heartedly agreed, hoping that all of us might benefit from someone new to love.

She entered into our home like the little furry hurricane that she is. If something crashes or goes boom in the night; it’s probably Coco. She runs around like “an idjot” as my youngest says. She runs, climbs, eats anything green and actively plays with two boisterous young boys.

City cat, country life

If anyone lives in the country they know that fall and cold weather means mice will try to find their way into your home. (It also happens to city folk, they just pretend that it doesn’t.) Every year, at this time one or two try to get in.

Our previous kitty, God bless her, tried to be a mouser. Seraphina was a fluffy Himalayan cross who could catch a mouse. She would proudly cart them around. The problem? She didn’t kill them.

Our first fall out here she caught a mouse. She was so impressed with herself that she immediately brought it to me.

I am a little embarrassed to say, I was not as thick-skinned as I am now about these sorts of things. At the time, I was pregnant and sleeping alone in our new house while my husband, Dave, was working nights. I thought I was dreaming when something warm and furry was placed in my hand.

That’s when I woke up.

It was a mouse. Phina was chirping and meowing proudly until I screamed and they both ran. For the next half hour I was chasing it around the house with a broom until – proud moment – I killed it. It either died from fright as a hormonal, screaming woman yielding a green broom chased it, or was beaten senseless by said fluffy broom, either way, it was an embarrassing way to go out.

Tonight, Miss Coco caught her first mouse, and she killed it!

(Thank God she didn’t eat it.)

It was a proud moment for her, the city cat has officially been countrified. It took a little over a month.

The kids are so proud and relieved. They may have been told that the mice come in the house because they leave food out or crumbs on the couch. (This has been mildly effective at making them aware of messes they’ve made and cleaning up after themselves.)

They now believe they have a saviour and a nutcase for a cat. The perfect pet!

Dave, my husband, who was a little reluctant to welcome more fur in the house, officially welcomed Coco to the Moffat Clan this evening.

So, way to go Coco. Mommy’s proud of you.

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