Simply the best labels ever!

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July 29, 2014

Simply the best labels ever!​    

I love these labels so much that I actually just became an agent for them.  I tell everyone I know anyways, so why not? But, I didn’t want to do it for me especially since I am adding it to my blog, that just seems wrong. So, any proceeds I make will be going to bring an interactive learning event to the Country Kids Learning Centre and/or the St. Francois Xavier Community School, hopefully both.

Oliver’s Labels are simply the best labels I have bought ever, and I have tried a few. I have labels that are five years old, they are still stuck on the clothes, dishes and toys. They have not faded through years of weekly and daily washing in the dishwasher or laundry. My mom was so impressed she bought them for my Nana’s items at her senior’s home. That’s right, they are not just for kids!

More than just labels for shoes, pens, books and clothes, Oliver’s also has luggage tags, pantry labels, allergy labels, photo labels, date labels, room labels, growth charts and safety wristbands for kids! And, you can include their signature Found-it system to locate lost items free of charge!

Here are a few more bonuses, in case you’re not sold yet:

– They have awesome designs for boys, girls and adults.

– They just added Nickelodeon designs and have Eric Carle designs from his books. Yep, they have Bubble Guppies – separated by girl and boy designs!

– You can create your own packages and while the name must be the same you can chose different designs for each item in your package. e.g. bubble guppies boys for stick-eez clothing labels, skull and cross bones luggage tag, space designs for your mini-labels.

– Not only can you choose the design theme (like Eric Carle) you can also choose whether to order the entire assortment in that design or just one image for all of your labels. e.g. I ordered just the hungry caterpillar from the Eric Carle designs for my little guy who loves bugs.

– Shipping is free in Canada and on orders over $30 in the U.S.A.!!! (And, international shipping is really reasonable).

– Labels are a little cheaper than most of the other brands on-line, every little bit counts.

– The self-stick clothing labels are the best thing EVER!!! OMG, no more ironing on labels! Just stick them on and forget it, they just stay put – wash after wash.

– Want to fundraise? Earn 20% of your sales by booking a fundraiser from me and contribute to my fundraiser as well! This is perfect for schools, daycares and more. You set up your account, let everyone know about the fundraiser, they book online, Oliver’s ship’s out their order and leaves your 20% in your online account. You track your earnings and then cash out when you need it. You can leave your fundraiser account open and send a couple of reminders throughout the year.

OK, rant over. Please buy them, support our local community and I’ll post my sales progress and what happens with the money raised. If you order them please tell me if you love them half as much as I do. You won’t be disappointed.

Oh yeah, and right now they are 10% off until July 31st. Use code BTS2014.

To order, visit:


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