The perfect antipasto – Roasted Peppers

Roasted Peppers

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September 17, 2017

The perfect antipasto – Roasted Peppers

There is something comforting about roasted peppers. They remind me of my childhood –  of grand family gatherings on Christmas Eve, fun summer BBQs and my first lesson on how to cook them with family friend, Pina. They pair well with many things and are always a welcome addition in my fridge. The problem is keeping them there.

Personally, I love them with freshly baked Italian crusty bread on their own or with other roasted vegetables or Italian cured meats such as prosciutto.

You can buy roasted peppers but once you taste home-made ones, the store bought variety will never do. Making them is easy enough, it’s the cooking and cooling that take the time. So pick a collection of colourful bell peppers and set aside some time to spend in the kitchen.


Assorted bell peppers

Minced, fresh garlic

Vegetable oil


  1. Turn oven to 500 F.
  2. Wash peppers and cut them in half. Remove the membranes and seeds placing the peppers in a roasting pan with a raised edge, cut side down.
  3. Place peppers side by side in a pan with raised edges once the oven has reached the proper temperature.You need to keep an eye on the peppers from here on out. The skins need to bubble and char, separating themselves from the pepper’s flesh. Once the peppers look done, charred and bubbled evenly over the top, remove them from the oven and place them on a counter to cool, covering the pan with a towel or dishcloth.
  4. Once the peppers have cooled you should be able to remove the skins quite easily with your fingers and use a paring knife to get unraised areas of the skin started.
  5. After the skins have been removed, cut or tear the peppers into strips and place them in a container.
  6. Add enough oil to coat the peppers (usually 1 to 2 tablespoons) and add fresh, minced garlic as desired. Keep unconsumed peppers in the fridge.
  7. Serve at room temperature.


Roasted peppers taste incredible in sandwiches, on pizzas or focaccia, in sauces or soups, on salads and as part of a selection of antipasto servings. They are also great on their own. However you eat them, I am sure you will enjoy them. Let me know how you like to eat roasted peppers, share your tips or how this recipe worked out for you.

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